Iron Man High Tech Men's T-Shirt

Iron Man High Tech Men's T-Shirt
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    You want to know just how "high tech" Iron Man really is??Look directly at ourIron Man High Tech Men's T-Shirt. Yes it's a nifty image of Iron Man's cranium rendered in a purposely distressed print for that washed and worn look -- that "I've been a fan for a long time wherethe HELL have you been(!??)" look.What's interesting is theimagery behind the helmet -- branching liquid-like perhaps self-aware circuitry linking with a million armor sub-systems and directly with the neuralpiloting arrays directed by Tony Stark himself.This very soft heather-red Iron Man t-shirt boasts a spectacular image implying the bleeding-edge 'micro-circuitry' pervading the Iron Man armor.Regenerative illuminantself-modulatingand dangerously close to perceivable sentience Iron Man's Iron-tech is truly the fountainhead of immersive transformative technologies.