Iron Man Costume Zip Up Hoodie

Iron Man Costume Zip Up Hoodie
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    Made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester this soft lightweight zip-up hoodie simulates the armored torso of...the Invincible Iron Man! Yes now you can appear..armored! Propelled by...Repulsor Tech! Anyway this absolutely AWESOME costume hoodie features an embroidered Repulsor Core and printed armored plating! Check out the sleeves with yellow printed reinforced plating lining the arms! Now check out the hood with drawstring ties! It's got like more printed graphics simulating the sides of Iron Man's iron cranium! And check out the back! More of the same but with some bright yellow simulated plating! This unique high quality costume hoodie-thing is so similar to the Iron Man armor that...well Spymaster kidnapped my sister. Spymaster kidnapped my sister and he won't give her back until I hand over the hoodie. Ugh.