Iron Fist Scarface Homage Men's T-Shirt

Iron Fist Scarface Homage Men's T-Shirt
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    "Say hello to my little friend!"....said DannyRand aka Iron Fist when he held up his glowing fist before engaginga fierce gaggle of Hand foot soldiers imperiling his 4:30pm meeting with about half-a-dozen children's charities.And yes this Iron Fist Scarface Homage Men's T-Shirtleans heavily -- without apologizing for it -- on the Scarfacemovie aesthetic.Made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester this heather-gray Iron Fist t-shirt for men features a stark image of Iron Fist rendered in the familiar divided black and white aesthetic prevalent on promotionalmaterial for the iconic film.Right the one with a very loud Al Pacino.Secret History-Apparently this t-shirt implies Iron Fist's highlylucrativedrug-running operation thatmade him Miami's premiernarcotics kingpinin the 1980s. Yep.