Iron Fist Power Punch Men's T-Shirt

Iron Fist Power Punch Men's T-Shirt
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    A Kung-Fu thatpunishes evil-doers and infrastructure.When Danny Rand aka the Immortal Iron Fist fills his fist withpsychically-channeledand infinitelypowerful Chi energy mind-controlled ninja foot soldiers and formerly resilient skyscrapers prepare for instantaneous demolition.Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton ourincredibly softand light-green Iron Fist Power Punch Men's T-Shirt features a classic purposely distressed image of Iron Fist bequeathing off-camera malcontents his dragon-gifted super-punch.What's resting above the precise electric pummeling of K'un-Lun'sglorious protector?Why that would be the boldly yellow and metal-molded symbol complete with trusty welded bolts.This incredibly soft Iron Fist t-shirt for men spotlights classic comic book art and limitless power bequeathed by immortal alien dragons.