Inky & Blinky & Pinky & Clyde

Inky & Blinky & Pinky & Clyde
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    Ampersands Make Everything Better We knew we wanted to do a geek version of Experimental Jetset's John & Paul & Ringo & George shirt that has been cycling through the design world. But how to do it? We tossed around UNIX commands, iconic sci-fi characters, fictional locations... and finally we gave up on it. Put it in the closet of Shirt Ideas Destined Not To Be. Right next to the closet of Gadgets We Thought Were a Good Idea At the Time. And then, during his vacation, no less, our designer came up with the ultimate geek version of the shirt -- based on the video game industry. And not Bushnell & Miyamoto et al. No... the four most archetypal characters that everybody who's every played a video game has met. The concept of video gaming abstracted to the utmost in all its 8-bit glory. Inky & Blinky & Pinky & Clyde. "Inky & Blinky & Pinky & Clyde" printed large in white ink on a black, 100% cotton shirt.