In Soviet Russia, Zero Divides By You

In Soviet Russia, Zero Divides By You
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    in Soviet Russia, Shirt Puts You in Cart Dividing by zero is baaad mojo. You don't want to try it. If you get it to work, it assures you're well on your way to Crazy Town. Well, honestly, if you get it to work you're already there. You may even be the mayor. Check foursquare. At least in the Soviet Russia version, zero divided by you isn't a mathematical impossibility. Unless you're zero. But we know you. You're one of our customers. You're something to us, which means you can't be zero. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that you're positive. However, you are about to be divided by zero. Brace yourself. Black shirt with the words "In Soviet Russia, zero divides by you!" printed large in red.