I Love Aunt May Men's T-Shirt

I Love Aunt May Men's T-Shirt
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    Without Aunt May's guidance and superior womanly wisdom Spider-Man would havenever evolved beyond'the emotionally catastrophic Spider-Boy.' Yep if it wasn't for the street-smart straight-talking (andespecially comely) May Parker ourmostly friendly Spider-Manmight have remained a professional wrestler or a vindictive full-time pizza delivery boy.Tocelebrate Aunt May'smagnanimous contributionto Spider-Man's responsibility-infused rearingwe present theI Love Aunt May Men's T-Shirt!Made from 100% cotton this EXCLUSIVE black t-shirt for men proclaims the wearer's love (and appreciation) for Aunt May with the following bold white text: "I (heart) AUNT MAY."(It follows the familiar aesthetic theme of an "I LOVE NEW YORK" t-shirt. Clever.)And the "heart"? Yep it's rendered in red webbing and shaped like a heart. This is also very clever.