Hydra Symbol on Black Women's T-Shirt

Hydra Symbol on Black Women's T-Shirt
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    Your boyfriend won't suspect a thing.Sure you throw dinner at the TV when Captain America does the talk show circuit and whisper -- quietlyand unconsciously -- "hail Hydra" while tossing in your sleep but this isn't unusual behavior.Nope not at all.Unfortunately your boyfrienddiscovered thesecret roombeneaththe dishwasher -- it's stuffed with blinking computers a Cap poster littered with throwing knives a bug-green uniform and the less ostentatiousHydra Symbol on Black Women's T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton this black HYDRA-focused t-shirt for women features the bold and very very red HYDRA symbol in all its Democracy-disparaging glory.Yes this soft HYDRA t-shirt is perfect for wearing after a hard day at the office -- with a glass of wine blaring classical music and the muffled moans ofyour foolishly curiousgagged and hog-tied significant other.