Hulk Vs Thor Ragnarok Men's T-Shirt

Hulk Vs Thor Ragnarok Men's T-Shirt
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    Have we mentioned the gladiatorial contests taking place on analienworld?Yep in Thor: Ragnarok Thor is "displaced" to the planet Sakaar and used as fodder for gladiatorial contests taking place in an arena run by The Grandmaster an Elder of the Universe with a serious gambling addiction.Have we mentioned that Thor fights Hulk in one of the aforementioned gladiatorial contests?He does and we can't wait to see which co-worker walks away relatively unscathed.Made from 100% cottonour Hulk Vs Thor Ragnarok Men's T-Shirt features a split image of Hulk and Thor that heavily implies a fight. Because they're fighting. Like gladiators. In the movie.Based on the hit film that's 30% Guardians of the Galaxy 30% Centipede and 40% Galaga this Thor Ragnarok t-shirt for men portendsthe most highly anticipated contest on November's fight card.