Hoth Tub Men's T-Shirt

Hoth Tub Men's T-Shirt
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    Come on in.The water's fine.Yes Hoth is several hundred degrees below freezing and yes it'scompletely nonsensical to bathe in a hot tub considering the intensely frosty environs. However a Tauntaun'sinnards are ridiculously warm andabundantly available.Hmmmm.Our incredibly EXCLUSIVEand pleasant smellingHoth Tub Men's T-Shirt tells the story of Han Solo and Luke Skywalkermaking the best of a bad situation:They drew straws and the loser carved a hot tub from a Tauntaun. The result? A VERY warm hot tub riddled with chunky Tauntaun innards and an overwhelmingstenchcausing one to vomit/black out/regain consciousness/ black out againafter 13seconds of bathing.Yep this Star Wars-themed t-shirt for men celebrates Han and Luke's resourcefulness and an apparent tolerance for swimming in giant especially putrid animal corpses.War is hell folks.