Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal
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Crank your gas chromatograph to 11! Remember when you rocked? Yeah, I'm talking to you. Back in the day when music was so loud it made the fillings in your teeth rattle out? (Yeah! Those dang cheap fillings made from silver and mercury (symbols Ag and Hg (heh, didn't you always think hydrargyrum was a funny sounding word for mercury (oh! and did you know you can actually force the noble gases to bond with mercury by utilizing an electric discharge...)))) wait, when did you become a chemistry geek? We know geeks come in all forms - there are computer geeks, physics geeks, geology geeks, astronomy geeks, but the oft ignored chemistry geek is about to get some love, ThinkGeek style. Proclaim your love for your favorite portion of the periodic table of elements with this masterpiece of a t-shirt! 100% cotton heavyweight black tee with white and red depictions of 11 heavy metals from copper to bismuth doodled in the style of a 16-year-old metalhead. You do, indeed, rock.