He-Man With Battle Cat T-Shirt

He-Man With Battle Cat T-Shirt
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Take a look see at the 100% cotton He-Man With Battle Cat T-Shirt which shows off He-Man taking his precious Battle Cat to the Vet! I think he is taking them for a re-clawing which is the inverse of a de-clawing procedure...I believe a re-clawing attaches diamond tipped raptor talons to kitty meow-meow paws. Yep. That's what it is. I got that procedure for my cat and now he rips my toes up when I dangle my feet over my bed. Not such a good idea for domesticated pets but it works perfectly for Battle Cat! The raptor talons aid He-Man and Battle Cat in tearing up Skeletor's brand new sofa. That'll teach Skeletor to mess with Grayskull!