Harley Quinn 80's Pop Men's T-Shirt

Harley Quinn 80's Pop Men's T-Shirt
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    This is what happens when you put the 1980s in a blender with Harley Quinn.No it does NOT result in a smooth strawberry-tasting fruit drinkmixed with PopRocks® candy anda lethal concentration of high-fructose corn syrup.It results in a post-1980s Harley sharing space witha neon upsidedown triangle filled with a pulsing blue grid. I'm thinking 'Tron' and a 'Journey'sGreatest Hits' album that never stops playing.Made from 100% cotton this black Harley Quinn t-shirt for men proves that Harley Quinn -- although created in the 1990s -- is an 80s girl at heart.I mean she absolutely adores Cyndi Lauper and sings "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" while cruising through Gotham City -- the top is down Catwoman's driving and Ivy just knocked over a traffic light with a sewer-grown birch tree.