Green Lantern Space Symbol T-Shirt

Green Lantern Space Symbol T-Shirt
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You know what the greatest thing about being a Green Lantern is? You get to see the entire galaxyand everybody loves the Green Lanterns! Well don't bother going to Qward those guys are total party poopers. Stay away from the Anti-Matter universe too I don't think they care much for people in the employ of the Guardians. I don't know what their problem is but they are always looking for a fight! I hear Odym is nice this time of year or at least I hope it is. Okaara is kind of foreboding though everything is so bloody expensive. Oh and do mind the Vega system. There are certain rules you know? When you are finally done cruising around the galaxy you could always pick up this fine 100% cotton t-shirt at the souvenir shop! Being an intergalactic police officer has its perks.