Green Lantern Movie Salaak T-Shirt

Green Lantern Movie Salaak T-Shirt
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    Ah Salaak...the most famous pessimistic Green Lantern! The Keeper of the Book of Oa Salaak follows his cold hard logic and protocol with the dedication of a vulcan; though vulcans don't have 4 arms! Suppose that means he could solve a rubix cube at the same time he is scolding you for breaking the rules. Oh Salaak you'll have your hands full with the first human to be inducted into Green Lantern Corps that's for sure. The Green Lantern Movie Salaak T-Shirt pays homage to Salaak and the Infinite Sadness(I think he did a stint with the Smashing Pumpkins but that is considered non-canon) and is made of 100% cotton! It'll keep you warm and looking good when the Blackest Night comes to pass.