Green Lantern Long Sleeve Symbol T-Shirt

Green Lantern Long Sleeve Symbol T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% this dark green long sleeve t-shirt features the highly recognizable Green Lantern Symbol. Empowered by and able to channel the coalesced will of all sentient beings into green colored hard-light constructs the Green Lanterns do their level best to maintain order in a sometimes less than civil universe. One of the more venerated Green Lanterns is Hal Jordan of Earth; that's the fella whose adventures we follow usually in the hit Green Lantern comic book! Poor guy's been through the freakin' wringer. Possessed by the avatar of fear driven cuckoo kills a crap-load of his co-workers tries to remake the universe has a change of heart and absorbs a killer sun takes over the mantle of God's vengeance....... yeah. Most of us would have packed it in right around "possessed by the avatar of fear." This long sleeve Green Lantern tee is for when it's ....well chilly. Or you think it's more manly to wear it in temperate weather with the sleeves rolled up!