Green Lantern Lanterns Unite T-Shirt

Green Lantern Lanterns Unite T-Shirt
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When their powers combine they can summon Captain Planet! Oops sorry. I see a bunch of rings in the air and that's the first thing that pops into my head; even though the Blackest Night is vastly superior to Captain Planet and all of his little friends! Except for maybe Heart that guy was stone cold. All of the Lantern Corps had to combine to fight the hungry Black Lanterns. Rage Greed Fear Will Hope Compassion and Love working together? You know times are desperate...but you know....zombies and whatnot. Superhero zombies. Superhero zombies that can talk and taunt. Yeah it is kind of freaky isn't it? Zombies got really scary when they changed over from the shambling mounds of decomposing flesh to blood-crazed crackheads. Now imagine it if they took one step higher and could fly or use lasers! This t-shirt is 100% cotton and knows you want your mommy.