Green Lantern All Over Gothic Print T-Shirt

Green Lantern All Over Gothic Print T-Shirt
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    Here's a green t-shirt featuring an all over print of freakin' Green Lantern Hal Jordan flying under some kooky Gothic lettering and....well he's wearing one hell of a mean look. This image of Green Lantern is a reproduction of GL rendered by hot Green Lantern artist Ivan Reis! the cat's freakin' pajamas m'man...but you already knew that. Now the all over print process makes this T-Shirt a tad pricier than normal tees but it's worth it. I mean it's a huge honkin' Green Lantern wearing a mug his mother would slap. Classic Hal baby!These are not your typical shirts; sublimation is a viable and durable solution to the industry standard of ink jet heat transfers. The sublimation process takes a large sheet of ink soaked paper heated to ridiculous temperatures which causes the ink to literally bind to the fabric. This causes the shirt's image to become amazingly resilient to the ravages of time!This technique can result in small imperfections generally around the armpit seams and