Green Lantern #166 Cover Men's T-Shirt

Green Lantern #166 Cover Men's T-Shirt
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    Green Lantern issue #166 promised "more outer-space action." Did it deliver?Of course! In issue #166 of the classic Green Lantern comic series Green Lantern fought a sentient black hole named Steven. Steven -- or "Big Steve" as he liked to be called --wanted to eat a heavily populated star systembefore resumingan innocuous state.Green Lantern Hal Jordan argued againstSteven's -- sorry "Big Steve's" -- inconsiderate appetite and handily hog-tied the anomaly with a green licoricestick measuring 50-million light years long.Okay sorry -- none of this transpired.I'm currently unaware of the actual adventures contained within issue #166 but at least we know what the cover looks like -- it adorns ourGreen Lantern #166 Cover Men's T-Shirt.Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester this heather-gray Green Lantern t-shirt for men features that striking cover in a purposely distressed print -- it features Hal underhis Green Lantern logo ignited by a perpetually blazing Power Battery.