Green Arrow Brave & Bold Symbol T-Shirt

Green Arrow Brave & Bold Symbol T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton this green t-shirt features a purposely distressed Green Arrow Symbol based on the hit animated Batman series airing on Cartoon Network Batman: Brave and the Bold! In Batman Brave and the Bold Batman teams up with different heroes from the DC comic book pantheon of super-powered characters! These team-ups usually involve colorful superhuman feats of daring do....and the fraying of Batman's last nerve. He's not one to "team-up" with a smile so to speak. Green Arrow? He's a little too cocky; a bit too overconfident to be an effective crime fighter. And oh those arrows. Was that a boxing glove where the tip of an arrow should be? Did he just take that guy out with a...with a.....roller skate arrow? How in the hell does that even work!!?? Guess you have to shoot it in front of the perp and hope to hell it's the right size!! HAH!