Gotham City Sirens #1 Strange Fruit Women's T-Shirt

Gotham City Sirens #1 Strange Fruit Women's T-Shirt
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    Gotham's Femme Fatales are running the show!I wonder if Gotham's criminals fear Harley Quinn Poison Ivy and Catwoman more than Batman? You see Batman has a set of rules but those three girls? They're all murderesses! How many people has Poison Ivy killed with those mystifying toxins? How many has Harley Quinn been accomplice to from hanging out with the Joker? We all know about Catwoman...she killed Christopher Walken with a kiss!Officially licensed and made from 100% cotton this black women's tee features cover art from Gotham City Sirens Vol.1 #14 the "Strange Fruit" story arc. Explore your devious side with this little gem. Fear the Sirens.