Ghost Rider Masked Costume Hoodie

Ghost Rider Masked Costume Hoodie
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    You've spent hours looking at yourself in the mirror practicing your Penance Stare. You started working on it way back when you first learned of Marvel's Spirit of Vengeance but then you saw Ghost Rider 2 and saw Nicholas Cage's command performance and realize you have a lot of work still to go. A lot. We can save you a bit of the legwork with this fine 60% cotton 40% polyester Ghost Rider Masked Costume Hoodie emulating your favorite stunt driver-turned-demon-host! That's actually a bit wonky to get on a business card. Still the zip-up Ghost Rider Masked Costume Hoodie is perfect and has non-spiky faux spikes on the sleeves and shoulders while the hoodie is a split hood allowing you to don the likeness of a flaming skull without committing to said hood. We wouldn't suggest doing any stunt-driving with the skull on though...your adoring fans won't be able to see your face!