Ghost Rider Ambigram Men's T-Shirt

Ghost Rider Ambigram Men's T-Shirt
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    This is going to hurt you more than it hurts him.He's not just going to cleaveyou in twain with a 50-foot scythe that massacresparking garageshe's going to burn out every entrenched particle of your sin with the cleansing power of shriekingHellfire.OurGhost Rider Ambigram Men's T-Shirtsports a gorgeous illustration of Ghost Rider carrying a Hellfire-imbued scythemarching towards the nearest sinner petrifiedby the always effective "Penance Stare".Next to Ghost Rider and his blazing sharp implement of terror hisname rendered as a stylish*ambigram-- it reads "GHOST" and after repositioning the shirt it reads "RIDER".This exceptionally soft designer Ghost Rider t-shirt for men features striking colors sharp graphics and a gorgeous singular word that boasts a two-word logo!*What's an ambigram? It's a word or other artistic symbolic representation-- in this casetypographical art-- that retains a similar or different theme/meaning when interpreted in different directions.