Funko Pop! Batgirl Men's T-Shirt

Funko Pop! Batgirl Men's T-Shirt
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    She's tech-savvy battle-ready and toy-worthy!It's an image of Batgirl based on the collectible toy based on the comic!Barbara Gordon aka "Babs" aka Batgirl wields Google like a weapon. So while she's kicking in teeth she's Snapchatting criminal operations to local police departments in a series of fish-faced selfies.Batgirl already a caped crusader fused with infinite cutenessrecently had her cuteness magnified with a collectible huggable DC POPfigure caricature made fromsoft vinyl.OurFunko Pop! Batgirl Men's T-Shirt effectively magnified Batgirl'salready magnified cuteness.Made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester this Batgirl t-shirt for men features Batgirl in her Funko figure iteration leaping from a bat-peppered cityscape.She's also holding a Batarang but it might actually bea fancy phone case.