Flash Super Speed Men's T-Shirt

Flash Super Speed Men's T-Shirt
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    The Speed Force. It surrounds us. It binds us together. In fact a modicum of this universal speed-gifting energy is probably still present in our maroon-colored Flash Super Speed Men's T-Shirt!Retro styledwith purposely distressed graphics and a classic Flash logo this Flash t-shirt is made from 100% cotton featuring the Flash running at speeds the human eye can't fully comprehend.When a normal person like yourself observesthe fleet-footed Flash one visually experiences "the Flash effect" the appearance of countless afterimages following the Flash as he moves at super-luminal speeds.in 1979 we captured this visual anomaly with a special camera and with the passing of decades and their inherent advances in technology finally managed toapply this captured image to a t-shirt. You're welcome.