Flash Rebirth Race Men's T-Shirt

Flash Rebirth Race Men's T-Shirt
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    TheFlash Rebirth Race Men's T-Shirt is a durable 100% heavy cotton exclusive shirt featuring a tear-away size tag (but not the officially licensed tag) and an infamous duel between two opposing forces. No not the epic battle between peanut butter and jelly but rather Flash and the Reverse Flash...or is that Zoom?Based on the artwork from the Flash's 'Rebirth' #8 this sweet DC Comics shirt is sure to delight both normal and hardcore fans of the Fastest Man Alive. Would you also be able to consider the Reverse Flash the same since he actually doesn't move fast and just makes everything else slow? Beats Recommended Reading: This Flash t-shirt sports the cover image to The Flash Vol. 3 issue #8 rendered by Scott Kolins Michael Atiyeh.Release Date: February 1st 2011Writer:Geoff JohnsArtist:Scott KolinsSynopsis:In this pre-Flashpoint issue we learn more about the vile Eobard Thawne the self-proclaimed Reverse Flash! Yes young Eobard was a Flash-obsessed nutball who spent countless hours rese