Flash Fully Charged Men's T-Shirt

Flash Fully Charged Men's T-Shirt
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    Getting around town is a real pain...that is unless you are DC Comics' Fastest Man Alive! Just look at how he's moving about on the 100% cottonFlash Fully Charged Men's T-Shirt. He's running across the water in front of somebody fishing! I wonder if the fish have a chance to react?Still you have to admit that this Flash-inspired t-shirt is pretty sweet. It is actually based on the Flash story Flashpoint which involved the Scarlet Speedster basically rebooting the DC Comics universe...for like the second or third time! Hey that's how things work in comic book land.Recommended Reading: This Flash t-shirt features interior art fromthe Flashpoint story arc rendered by artist Andy Kubert with ink assists by Sandra Hope.Writer:Geoff JohnsPenciler:Andy KubertInks: Sandra HopeSynopsis:Yes all was well in Barry Allen's world until he decided to travel back in time and save the life of his previously murdered mother. Being a Flash you would think Barry aware of the repercussions of careless time