Fifty Shades of Rey Men's T-Shirt

Fifty Shades of Rey Men's T-Shirt
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    Because Rey has a surprisingly "sordid" past and a lustful yearning to "explore."And we should NEVER hold it against her. As in EVER.She didn't think it possible amidstthe star-spanning struggle but there it was-- love. And having found it she learned of the many ways to express it and how to find fulfillment through itsmore erotic aspects.OurFifty Shades of Rey Men's T-Shirt -- an EXCLUSIVE t-shirt available only through SuperHeroStuff -- features Rey as an ominous silhouette a passingMillennium Falcon and perhaps the obscured visage of her more experienced suitor.Yes this black Rey-inspired t-shirt for men grants us a more mature Star Wars heroine who fights overwhelmingdesires swelling erotic curiosities and a relentless First Order.