Fantastic Four In Action Jack Kirby T-Shirt

Fantastic Four In Action Jack Kirby T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton this gray t-shirt features a classic Kirby-rendered image of the fabled Fantastic Four! Yeah! Slightly distressed even! This image was taken back when Stan the Man was plottin' and pontificatin' while Jack "King" Kirby was (obviously) pencilin' and projectin' (abstract art demi-gods from higher dimensions)! This was when freakin' "Dimension Gggggg" would open the hell up over New York and spill scissor-beaked children onto the common everyday bustling New Yorker. New Yorkers are made of sterner stuff but...not really equipped to handle something like that. Enter: The Fantastic Four! Thing beats the crap out of about 7500 of 'em Human Torch melts their feet to the sidewalk Invisible Woman creates microscopic solid particles in the invaders' brains causing multiple aneurisms and Mister Fantastic? He handles the leftovers with a gun the size of his...well the size of his his pet black hole Mickey....who's about 3 feet long and 7 feet high. Big gun!