Fantastic Four Circle Heads (30 Single) T-Shirt

Fantastic Four Circle Heads (30 Single) T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% cotton this charcoal gray t-shirt features the classic Fantastic Four logo with encircled colored faces of the colorful characters rounding out the cast of the world's greatest comic magazine! There's Mr. Fantastic in blue! There's the Human Torch in red! There's the Thing in orange! There' s the Invisible Woman....wait where is she? HAH! There she is in yellow! This Fantastic Four T-Shirt is a 30 single tee made with a higher thread count meaning this baby is softer than your average t-shirt and a bit more form fitting. So buy it now before the door to dimension 3B closes. That's a dimension recently discovered by the Fantastic Four with high quality tees sprouting out of a gaseous purple singing river-cloud. Yep. Thanks F.F.!