Electronic Drum Machine Shirt

Electronic Drum Machine Shirt
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This fully-playable t-shirt based drum machine lets you make complex beats with ease while strolling down the boulevards of funky-town. Not only do you get 9 different drum kits at your disposal, you can create your own drum loops just like a professional drum machine. Simply tap the drum pads on the front of the shirt to create a rhythm. Once your loop is created, layer additional beats on top to build up a complex rhythm. You can make loops up to 3 minutes long and you've got unlimited tracks to play with. The ThinkGeek GeekLab™ boffins have done their best to cram as much amazing musical functionality into one shirt than ever before. With a little practice you can make amazing dynamic beats that evolve as you add layers of sound. Watch the video below to see exactly what we mean. Product Features Real Working Wearable Drum Machine & Looper 9 Different Drum Kits with 7 professional grade drum sounds each ROCK DRUMS RETRO 808 DISCOTEK TECHNO PUNK CLASSIC JAZZ BASS INVADERZ CHIPTUNE ZA