Dr. Doom Dr. Is In Junk Food T-Shirt

Dr. Doom Dr. Is In Junk Food T-Shirt
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Made from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester this "moss-green" t-shirt features a classic slightly distressed image of Doctor freakin' Doom; scientist sorcerer megalomaniac and villainous thorn in the side of one Dr Reed Richards pliable progenitor of the Fantastic Four! Doctor Doom is here to conquer the planet step on Reed Richards' grave once every 17 seconds and put an end to that useless recycling! Doctor Doom is the villain's villain and with a nation of doe-eyed "constituents" at his beck and call let's just say that the scale tips in Doom's favor. Yes Reed Richards may beat him...eventually...every time but Doom comes back surprisingly less laughable than before! How the hell does he do that? This Doctor Doom t-shirt is from famous t-shirt maker Junk Food so it's high quality super-soft extremely limited and very unsatisfied with the status quo!