Defend New York City Women's T-Shirt

Defend New York City Women's T-Shirt
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    If you want to avoid the destructive superhero battlesoccurring throughout NYC we suggestutilizing this very informative map.Our Defend New York City Women's T-Shirt--anEXCLUSIVE 100% cotton t-shirt -- features a map with illustrated iconsspecifying the locations of four very violent superhumans.Yep our black Defenders-themed t-shirt for women effectively pinpoints the locationsfor four unregistered superhumans repeatedly lowering property values and inflating insurance rates:Stay out ofChina Town!The 'fist' icon represents Danny Rand aka The Iron Fist. He's currently in China Town and sparring/making out with Colleen Wing.Stay out of Hell's Kitchen!Therein lies the Daredevil. They say he beats criminals with batons and loud talkers with...bigger batons.Stay away from Jessica Jones!She's usually drunk and unruly so if you see the "JJ" iconavoid that particular localelest you receive a sound beating via barstool.Keep out of Harlem!And stay FAR away from POPS Barbershop. Luke Cage is the