Defend New York City Men's T-Shirt

Defend New York City Men's T-Shirt
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    If you're wondering where the heroes are just check out this handy hero-locating map!OurDefend New York City Men's T-Shirt is a handy info-graphic/map-thing grantingus thespecific locations of New York City's occasionally dismissive -- but mostly violent-- street-level super-people who absolutely despise collaboration.Made from 100% cotton this black EXCLUSIVE t-shirt for mentells you EXACTLY where to seek refuge when The Hand "recruits" candidates for its zombie-ninja program:It's Iron Fist's powered fist layered with ancient Asian characters!He's currently in China Town with Colleen Wing. They're working on kata inspired by Hip-Hop.It's a braille-filled red-colored graphicsignifying"Hell's Kitchen."It's home tothe especially brutal (yet graceful) Daredevil.It's Jessica Jones and she's currently invested in a case she hates.Yepthanks to the white locator denoted with "JJ" we know EXACTLY where Jessica Jones works. And where she drinks. And where she usually blacks out.Luke Cagevanquis