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"When you're cursed with immortality, it helps if the little things in life amuse you. For instance, the word ""chimichanga."" Chimichanga. Chimichanga. Chimichanga. Or duct tape. Both the words and the object itself. Also, those little yellow boxes. They are the awesome because they are always right. After all, they're Deadpool's thoughts. How could that be wrong? *coughs* And now, a poetry break for our lovers of haiku, brought to you by Deadpool: I hate broccoli And think it totally sucks Why is it not meat? Why, indeed? This black 100% cotton t-shirt features the Deadpool logo, but be forewarned. If you don this shirt, you'll be expected to follow it up with witty repartee or mercenary action. We recommend the former, because we are totally not bailing you out of jail. Again.".