Deadpool Dead Noir Men's T-Shirt

Deadpool Dead Noir Men's T-Shirt
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    Cue Deadpool's inner monologue:"It was a dark and stormy night (cue sax). The rain was like chipped steakbeing hurled against the window by zombie newspaper delivery boys demanding their $2.00. Oh and brains.And then shewalked in a glitzed-up china doll looking likea fancy magazine filly. I was hooked. Whatever she wanted whatever she needed I was going to help her.Unfortunately for me-- having just been pistol-whipped in the heart-sack-- Ino longer possessed the power to help myself."If Deadpool found himself in the middle of a crime-noir thriller he might offer a bit of the aforementioned narration. He might also look very much like the image on ourDeadpool Dead Noir Men's T-Shirt.Made from 100% cotton this black Deadpool t-shirt for men features a stark image of Deadpool drenched in shadow lit by ominous streetlightsventing through the cold grill of flat steel shades.Dressed in a milk-white suit Deadpool carries his handy bag filled with the necessary tools for effective assassin...