DC Universe Periodic Table

DC Universe Periodic Table
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    Have you ever wanted to know the outer electron configuration of a DC Comics' superhero? Well now you can with the fantastic 100% cotton DC Universe Periodic Table! Judging by my very limited knowledge of basic chemistry it looks like the 'Super' family is the most reactive and the 'Bat' family is chemically inert! Made to look exactly like the periodic table and featuring a whole slew of DC Comics characters like Aquaman Batgirl Batman Catwoman Darkseid Dr fate Firestorm Hawkgirl Hawkman Joker Lex Luthor Martian Manhunter Plastic Man Poison Ivy Red Tornado Riddler Robin Shazam Supergirl Superman Villains Wonder Woman and Zatana just to name a few! It also appears like if the villains are in the synthetic chemical group on the DC Universe Periodic Table - I wonder if that was on purpose?