DC Superheroes Have Issues Too T-Shirt

DC Superheroes Have Issues Too T-Shirt
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Made from 100% Cotton this white t-shirt features the heads of some of your favorite DC Comic characters accompanied by their individual very obvious or very well hidden neuroses! Batman for example needs anger management. Pretty obvious I would think. But Hawkman? Suffering from Bird Flu? That's not well hidden that's just wrong. Overly Resurrected Disorder (O.R.D.) is really what fits here. HAH! Darkseid needs a hug? I never would have come to that conclusion. Especially when I offered him one and he shot my girlfriend 7000 years backwards through time. I keep thinking she's burying messages for me in the past so I can dig them up and read them in the present. Haven't found any yet but she's a clever girl! This DC Heroes t-shirt is for those who enjoy taking a peek under the hood! Get it? Uh....feel like shoveling a little?