Cobra Spray Paint Stencil 30 Single T-Shirt

Cobra Spray Paint Stencil 30 Single T-Shirt
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    Made from 100% Cotton this soft navy blue t-shirt features the dreaded Cobra symbol right above (conveniently) the Cobra logo both seemingly applied with the use of spray paint....and a stencil. Right just like the product name implies. Strongly. SO's Cobra. These are NOT the guys from the cartoon with terrible aim and a leader who really extends the hard "S." These guys...these guys are the real deal. GiJoe doesn't beat them (without a single fatality) in 23 minutes have a bottle of YoJoe Cola and call it a day. Nope. Cobra is a domestic terrorist group known for blowing up elementary schools on a whim tying geriatrics to rockets and launching them into the White House and ---with the help of brilliant minds bleeding edge technology and a laser focused disgust in democracy ---dissolving successfully and utterly the free-market economy. So..NO. GI Joe will NOT have it easy. In fact they may not survive another 23 minutes.OH! And this Cobra t-shirt is fashioned with a higher