Christmas Story Lamp Its a Major Award Baby Doll Tee

Christmas Story Lamp Its a Major Award Baby Doll Tee
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    "Christmas Story Lamp Baby Tee Grab a hold of your very own leg lamp on a t-shirt that is full of fun and colors! It's a Major Award! Who wouldn't want a leg lamp glowing from your front window of your house? This baby doll t-shirt is decorated with the picture of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story movie. Won by Ralphie's ""old man"" the leg lamp is a hysterical symbol of A Christmas Story and the loveable family. The cream form fitting t-shirt will look adorable on any wearer and displays fun designs of colors and stars. ""It's a Major Award"" is displayed in bold print next to the leg lamp, giving this shirt a fun feel to it! The back of the shirt is decorated with black writing ""This end up"" in black with an arrow and the word ""Fragile"" printed below. Making the shirt look like the print that was displayed on the shipping box that the lamp came in from the movie. You'll have too much fun wearing your own major award!".