Captain America I'd Flex But Men's T-Shirt

Captain America I'd Flex But Men's T-Shirt
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    Cap would rather refrain from belittling you with his superior physique.He would also rather sparehis t-shirt from a violent explosive shredding. So in an effort to subtly convey his superhuman bulk while sparing your feelingsand a comfortable t-shirt Cap's going to flex a little later. Alone. In the mirror.Our Captain America I'd Flex But Men's T-Shirtsports a purposely distressed image of the good captain sandwiched between the phrase that's far more interesting than the image:"I'd Flex But I Like This T-Shirt"Made from a soft blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester this CaptainAmerica t-shirt for menis rendered in heather-red featuring a marbling effect conveyed by theblending of lighter and darker material.