Captain America Distressed Shield Navy T-Shirt

Captain America Distressed Shield Navy T-Shirt
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    America.....%$&@ yeah! Coming again to save the day! Off the wall theme song aside Captain America really is a constant defender. Granted I don't think he's into extreme vulgarities and curse words but he'll give his life defending that 'silly' little freedom you waste on watching 24/7 news channels and the 'Real Housewives'. See that is the glory of America...everybody is free to do whatever they want! Grow up to be the president or sit around collecting dust - it is up to you! Unfortunately we ran out of super solider serum and vita rays so you can't follow in Captain America's footsteps. You can however pick up this bombastic 100% cotton Captain America Distressed Shield Navy T-Shirt. Features a highly distressed Captain America symbol across the chest! You may not be the real Captain America but at least you aren't some Skrull or clone. Didn't the Punisher wear this thing for a spell? This is the standard quality Captain America Distressed Shield tee hence the lower price. Not quit