Bow Ties Are Cool Navy

Bow Ties Are Cool Navy
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    No tying required.There's a long history regarding bow ties, neckties, and doctors. Did you know that pediatricians wear bow ties to avoid being strangled by grabby babies? In fact, neckties are such a danger to doctors and patients that British hospitals banned the wearing of neckties in 2007. "Colonized by pathogens" was the exact phrase. Yuck. Our Doctor, on the other hand, acquired his signature bow tie in an English hospital, where perhaps it once graced the neck of a cardiologist. (It's a pity they never met; that would have been a fun EKG.) We're not sure if The Doctor chose it for its fashionable qualities or its utilitarian nature, but he's succeeded on both counts. "Bow Ties Are Cool" printed on a navy blue, 100% cotton t-shirt in the classic "Keep Calm" font, topped with a bow tie you don't ever have to tie.