Book Was Better

Book Was Better
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    A novel concept.Our customers are thorough. Y'all are the sorts of people who will read the book, see the movie, and heatedly debate the merits of the two against each other. And, let's be honest, words rock. The book generally wins. Your own personal imagination trumps Michael Bay's any day. (Also, it generally involves fewer gratuitous explosions.) Using our highly scientific method of Google search results returned, we are relieved to see that the Internet agrees with us. We were a little concerned at first: search terms: movie was better = 2,210,000,000 resultssearch terms: book was better = 2,040,000,000 resultsOh wait. We're probably picking up references like "this movie was better than the last one." Let's refine that a little. search terms: "movie was better" + book = 754,000 resultssearch terms: "book was better" + movie = 1,160,000 resultsThat's more like it. We mentioned this was highly scientific, right? And by that we mean we used a Bunsen burner. Because it was there.Thi