Bleach Ichigo Battle Stance T-Shirt

Bleach Ichigo Battle Stance T-Shirt
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Ah Bleach. I tend to get like 3 hour chunks of that show when I go over to my best friend's house. He has a bit to drink and then heaven help me he has to turn on the Bleach. My knowledge of the series is fairly limited and I've given all of the characters their own nicknames to be able to keep up. I also come up with names for their abilities. That one part where Ichigo goes berserk (he tends to do that a lot from what I can tell) I refer to as going 'Red Lantern'. Hey I have to compare it to things I understand mmmmmkay? There is also Chill Captain the Dude his best buddy Whitey No-Nonsense Ninja Lady Old Man Firebug Frosty the Little Kid and his girlfriend Needs-a-Bigger-Shirt and of course we can't forget about Red Head-Who-Every-One-Has-The-Hots-For. Anime such a test of creativity and memory skills! Like you some Ichigo? Waiting with bated breath for the climax of the fight between Ichigo and _______(fill in the blank no spoilers!)? Well get you some of this 100% cotton t-shirt f