Black Bolt Symbol Men's T-Shirt

Black Bolt Symbol Men's T-Shirt
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    He destroyswith a whisper.Black Bolt aka Blackagar Boltagon isleaderof The Inhumans -- an ancient race of enhanced humans experimented uponby the Kree an advanced alien species who sought to create a race of super-soldiers while perfecting genetic evolution.Centuries later with Black Bolt as their leader The Inhumans moved to the blue area of the Moon.It is here in the sacred city of Attilan that Black Bolt defends his kingdom with vocal dischargescomparable to devastating nuclear salvos.Made from 100% cotton ourBlack Bolt Symbol Men's T-Shirt features the jagged angular costume accents of the undisputed Inhuman king whose Terrigen infusion allows for vocalutterances powerful enough to...1). Flatten the Hulk.2). Destroy a planet.3). Turn moons into Miso soup.Wear this Black Bolt t-shirt and speak with authority.