Batman Vs Superman T-Shirt

Batman Vs Superman T-Shirt
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Made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester this heather blue t-shirt features a slightly distressed image of Batman and Robin.....attacking Superman!!!? What the #$@#!@#!!!! Maybe it's not as bad as it looks. I mean Robin is smiling after all. Although apparently he did that a lot. Ask any ex-con without his teeth about how creepy it was when Robin smashed the hell out of them with a pair of road cones giggling like a fairy astride her unicorn. Yep just like that. What the hell could have gotten Batman's goat? Oh I think Superman might have used the words "inappropriate" and "endangerment" when Batman brought Robin to the living murder planet Cillulots 7. Yeah not a good place for pre-teens. Anyway this Superman/ Batman tee is made from a higher thread count making it a noticeably softer t-shirt that may or may not benefit from third party arbitration.