Batman Traditional Symbol T-Shirt

Batman Traditional Symbol T-Shirt
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    This Batman t-shirtfeatures the beaming screen-printed ubiquitous Batman symbol adorning Batman's chest since the 1960s. Potentiallythis 100% cotton t-shirt is currently wrapping the torsos of most of your neighbors considering this is the best-selling Batman t-shirt OF ALL TIME!A little history behind the Bat Symbol:When writer Dennis O'Neil brought Batman back to his darker detective roots in the late '60s legendary artist NealAdams made a few changes to the costume keeping the newly added yellow backing-- which mimicked the Bat Signal -- while enlarging the actual Bat emblem. Adamsalso created a longer flowing cape whichwould take on a life of its own and contributea sense of flowing design merging consecutivecomic panels.As a disciple of Batman and as a tortured protector of Gothic-tinged cityscapes it is your duty to don the Batman Traditional T-Shirt and put an end to those clown-painted rapscallions preying on the meek and launching streaming poison from flower-shaped lapel pins