Batman On Time 30s Toddler Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Batman On Time 30s Toddler Long Sleeve T-Shirt
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Batman used to be such a nice guy. He used to walk around with an Ice Cream cart and hand them out to the poor children. He used to rescue kittens from trees sort people's recycling and teach suburban people how to dance. However that all changed when he learned how to swing about cities using a grappling hook. He didn't care about the children anymore he told the people who wanted to learn how to dance to watch 'Glee' and those cats can rescue themselves when they get hungry. The Batman is busy! It was only much later that he learned that he could fight crime while doing his favorite pastime. This is how the original Batman story started. What don't believe me? Well I am pretty sure that is the impression I got from this 30 single 100% cotton long sleeve t-shirt from Kids Republic. Kids Republic makes some of the highest quality t-shirts out there so I am just going to believe the snap judgment I get from this t-shirt on Batman's history. The sleeves are a thermal inseam so it'll keep