Batman Night Prowler Burnout Ringer Women's T-Shirt

Batman Night Prowler Burnout Ringer Women's T-Shirt
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    Gals this Batman V-neck is far too fashionable for the average Batman fan.If you've been condoning Batman'svigilantismregardless of the crippling and branding this Batman V-neck is made just for you.Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester this charcoal gray incredibly softBatman Night Prowler Burnout Ringer Women's T-Shirt sports a brightly colored -- but lovinglydistressed -- image of Batman stalking rooftops duringthe wee-hours.But there's a LOT more going on with this bit of exemplary Bat-fashion. Demanding additional details? Good here we go:The never outdated"burnout" look!The burnout process includes the application of a chemical that carefully removes ("burns") sections of the material's uppermost layer. Thisproduces more sheer areas of the t-shirt creatinga heather or marbling effect expressed by aninterweaving of light and dark colors.It's a ringer!No it has aringer. Several actually. Wrapping around the sleeves and collar these ringers complete the loyally worn and washed vint